June 4, 2014
Hey y'all. Welcome to my fanlisting collective! It's newly revamped with Enthusiast 3.1.5, so take a look around and join some of my fanlistings if they interest you at all!

Collective Stats
Current stats:
I have joined 511 fanlistings, with 0 pending. I own 6 fanlistings, with 0 upcoming. I have 1 affiliates.

Newest Owned Fanlisting:
: Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
which opened on 2014-08-11.

Newest Joined Fanlisting:
19 Kids & Counting, which I joined on 2014-08-07.

Random Fanlisting:
Jason Segel, which I joined on 2014-06-01.

EMAIL: admin@lindsayd.org BBM: 23297915

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