From Dan Goor and Michael Schur, the Emmy® Award-winning writers/producers of Parks and Recreation, this single-camera comedy stars Emmy® Award-winners Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an ensemble comedy about what happens when a detective who doesn't take anything seriously gets a new "by-the-book" boss who wants him to grow up and respect the badge. Read more...

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Detective Jake Peralta
Andy Samberg
Detective Jake Peralta is a talented but childish detective. It is revealed that his father abandoned him and his mother when he was very young.
Captain Ray Holt
Andre Braugher
Captain Ray Holt is the 99th Precinct's strict new Commanding Officer. The Nine-Nine is Holt's first command despite many years of outstanding service, something he attributes to prejudice against him being gay. He has a husband, whose name is Kevin.
Detective Charles Boyle
Joe Lo Truglio
Detective Charles Boyle is a nervous, clumsy but honest and hard-working detective who has a crush on Detective Diaz. He is divorced from his wife, who had numerous affairs during their marriage. He is also a huge foodie.
Detective Rosa Diaz
Stephanie Beatriz
Detective Rosa Diaz, a smart, tough, and mysterious detective. She attended parochial school and later studied ballet, and went to the police academy with Jake.
Gina Linetti
Chelsea Peretti
Administrator Gina Linetti, the 99th Precinct's sardonic civilian administrator. She belongs to a dance troupe called "Floorgasm."
Sergeant Terry Jeffords
Terry Crews
Detective Sergeant Terence "Terry" Jeffords, the detective squad's leader. He previously worked with Holt at another precinct where he was overweight and was given the nickname "Terry Titties". A year prior to the show's beginning, following the birth of twin baby girls named Cagney and Lacey, a reference to the classic police procedural show Cagney & Lacey, he suffered a breakdown of sorts where he "lost his edge" and any desire to work in the field due to a fear of losing his life and leaving his children without a father
Detective Amy Santiago
Melissa Fumero
Detective Amy Santiago, Jake's uptight and overachieving Cuban-American partner. She is continually trying to ingratiate herself with Captain Holt. She has a competitive nature stemming from having seven brothers.

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